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Text reads, Natural Dye Kit. Colours from Nature. On a teal and brown background with an image of weaving in the background.
Natural Dye Kit
Natural Dye Kit
Natural Dye Kit
Llanwenog yarn and Dahlia

Natural Dye Kit

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Everything you need to create your own plant dyed wool.

I am pleased to offer a new crafting kit containing wool, and a range of plant colours. This kit is suitable for beginners.

Each kit coms with instructions on how to prepare and dye your wool, from scouring the wool to extracting the dye, dyeing the wool modifying the colour, and finishing.

Plants are a fantastic source of pigment and colour growing all around us. I harvest wild plants from local hedgerows, and grow dyes on our farm, from tree barks and leaves to traditional dye plants such as woad, weld and madder. I also purchase from local growers.

There really is no end to the colours you can achieve from plants, and I hope that this kit gives you a taster of the possibilities.

Carded wool is ideal if you want to use it for spinning or felting. All the carded wool is blade shorn from the South West of England, from my flock and other blade shorn flocks in the area. Please let me know if you would like carded wool. 

If you prefer finished yarn you can have 100g skein of Welsh rare breed Llanwenog from a smallholding in West Wales.

If you get the dye bug and want to dye more, there is a suggested reading list in the kit so that you can further your understanding of all things plant dye.

Each kit contains:

100g Plant Material

100g Carded Wool OR Llanwenog 2 ply yarn



Instruction booklet with a suggested reading list




Dyer's Chamomile - yellows - from Little Parks Farm

Birch bark, twigs - yellows - from Little Parks Farm

Willow - warm pinks - from Little Parks Farm

Alder Cones, twigs - browns, dark purples - from Little Parks Farm

Madder - reds - from Badger Crafts, Totnes

Dyer's Greenweed - bright acid yellows - Badger Crafts, Totnes

Dahlia - deep green - from Badger Crafts, Totnes

Tansy - from Little Parks Farm

Walnut Husks - Badger Crafts, Totnes


Dorset Down from Rampisham Hill Farm

White Shetland from Wyldlea Farm

Portland from HoneyWoods Flock at Little Parks Farm


I have a beautiful limited edition 2 ply yarn from a smallholding in West Wales, shorn and spun in Wales. Rare breed Llanwenog is a hardy sheep that is said to be similar to a Romney; long staple, hard wearing but with some softness to it.